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The airport is now owned by the Mixed Syndicate for Development and Operation, made up of the Department of Aveyron (70%), the Occitanie Region (15%), Rodez-Agglomeration (10%) and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (5%). It is managed under a public service delegation agreement, by SAEML AIR 12 bringing together the CCI of Aveyron, the Departmental Council of Aveyron, Rodez-Agglomeration, the Mixed Syndicate and regional banks (Crédit Agricole nord-Midi- Pyrénées, Banque Populaire Occitane and Caisse d’Epargne Midi-Pyrénées (SOREPAR).

Air 12 employs 30 people for runway, handling and administrative services. Two other business sectors are subcontracted on the platform for which Air 12 is the prime contractor. These are the SSLIA (aerodrome firefighters – 15 employees) and Safety / Security (13 employees).




the aveyron departmental council

By deciding to become more involved in the Rodez-Aveyron airport through an increased participation (75%) in the mixed syndicate in 2011, the Departmental Council reaffirmed its commitment to an essential tool for opening up the department and for its business activities.

Together with its other partners (Rodez Agglomération, Chamber of Commerce and Industry), the Departmental Council thus helped to provide the means for the airport to position itself more and more as a regional platform.

By ensuring the sustainability and development of the Rodez-Aveyron airport, the Departmental Council is maintaining its coherent policies of promoting the development of the department and, more globally, of the rural areas situated south of the Massif Central and north of the occitanie region.

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occitanie region


The law of January 16, 2015 redefines the 22 metropolitan regions and replaces them with 13 new regions. A large region gather Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrénées. Provisionally baptized Languedoc Roussillon Midi-Pyrénées, the new Region then chooses a name and a logo. Organized from May 9 to June 10, a citizen consultation largely puts the name Occitanie in mind. A choice adopted on June 24, 2016 by the regional council, enriched with the Pyrenees-Mediterranean signature. This choice was formalized by the government on September 29, 2016, as of the capital in Toulouse.

The administrative services of the Region have around 6,600 agents: 1,800 in general services and 4,800 in high schools. The agents are distributed by General Directorates, Directorates and departments, according to the skills of the Region. They prepare and implement the decisions of elected officials.







Rodez Agglomeration 


Rodez Agglomération is an urban area composed of 8 districts. It has a population of 58 000 and provides jobs for more than 105 000 people. The thriving local economy centres around successful companies such as Bosch, RAGT, Verdié and the cheese company Société Fromagère de Rodez, all national, European and/or world market leaders which, together with innovative small and medium-sized businesses, ensure a high rate of employment in the area.

The vibrant local economy can also be attributed to the commitment, skills and know-how of the local population and the existence of key infrastructures such as a new hospital, colleges and universities, 15 business parks, a public transport network …. It is also actively supported by an ambitious local administration that strives to increase the notoriety and attractiveness of the Rodez urban area well beyond regional and national borders. Since it opened in 2014, the Soulages Museum in particular has placed Rodez on the world map and enabled it to attract significant numbers of international visitors.                   

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CCI de l’Aveyron


The Aveyron is the fifth largest department in France stretching from the Aubrac Plateau in the north to the Gorges of the River Tarn in the south, and from the Knights Templar villages in the east to the fortified medieval towns or ‘Bastides du Rouergue’ in the west. It boasts 10 of the most beautiful villages in France and 6 Michelin-star restaurants, perfect illustrations of the exceptional quality of life in this attractive tourist destination.

And industry in the Aveyron is also thriving. The expertise of local companies is recognized and appreciated all over the world in sectors as diverse as aeronautics, the automobile industry, agri-food, information technology, leather manufacturing and knife-making. Export sales are high and the rate of exports to imports for 2015 was 127%.

The Aveyron is also France’s leading producer of renewable energies; for example, it produces 12 % of the country’s hydro-electric power.

The AVEYRON CCI represents and defends the general interests of 12 200 local businesses operating in the retail, manufacturing or service sectors and which together account for 47 000 jobs. As the local economic expert, we are the preferred partner with regards company start-ups, transferring ownership, innovation, international trade and training.

Ensuring diversity and a high-level of skills in our local workforce is a major priority for AVEYRON CCI. Every year, we train over 6000 managers and employees and as many as 1000 young people attend our 20 vocational training courses which range from high-school diploma to master degree level and include two at engineer level.

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