Travel guide


check in

National flights:

  • Check in opens H – 1 H 15mn
  • Check in closes H – 30mn

International flights :

  • Check in opens H – 2 heures
  • Check in closes H – 40 min

RYANAIR flights :

Passengers must print their boarding pass minimum 2 hours before the departure of the flight.



Starting from 15 January 2017, an unaccompanied minor of one holder of parental authority cannot leave the country without permission.
Permission to leave the territory is a form to download from the site (printed Cerfa N ° 15646 * 01) to fill out and sign.


The child who will travel abroad without one of his parents must present the 3 following documents:

  • The minors identification (identity card or passport)
  • Form signed by a licensed parent of parental authority
  • A photocopy of the person or parent’s identification signing the form

Travelling with animals


In cabin or in hold – inquire the airline compagny for rate information


No animal transport



  • Cabin luggage : max 12 kg / person : free
  • Hold luggage : max 23 kg / person 
  • For any other information please contact the company (


  • 1 little luggage / passenger : free
  • Hold luggage 20 kg / person : inquire the compagny for rate information (
  • Excess luggage

trip cancellation

In case of cancellation or postponement of your travel, prevent the airline compagny.

Security - luggage
All information on the Ministry of ecology, sustainable development, transport and housing websites:

Forbidden objects

  • Bottles of gas, camping gas stoves
  • Pressure vessels, aerosols
  • Corrosive products, oxidizing, toxic, acids, wet battery, paint,…
  • Explosives: ammunition, firecrackers, Fireworks, rockets…
  • Flammable products: fuel, gasoline, lighters, matches,…
  • Radioactive materials, magnetic materials
  • Objects and products not authorized by States

Hold luggage

Allowed :

Classic luggage. Free up to a certain limit of weight or number according to the companies, called franchise, variable according to destination and ticket type.

Unauthorized :

Bulky items must be shipped as cargo.

Special cases :

Bikes, skis… Check with your airline.


Please contact your airline:


Cabin luggage

If in doubt, contact your airline.

Allowed :

bagage   One luggage, under your own responsibility, whose total of three dimensions must not exceed 115 cm (ex: 55 cm X 35 cm X 25 cm or RYANAIR: 55 cm X 40 cm X 20 cm).

Allowed with restrictions of use during taxi, take-off and landing:

Laptop, camcorder, electric razor, TV, Walkman.


Liquids, pastes, gels (perfumes, toiletries, drinks) with a capacity of less than 100 ml arranged in a closed transparent plastic bag with a dimension of 20 x 20 cm.

Forbidden :

Firearms; knives, scissors, cutters, shavers,… whose blade is greater than or equal to 6 cm; sharp weapons, bladed weapons (batons, heavy canes or covered with spikes);anti-aggression bombs; liquids, pastes, gels with a capacity of more than 100 ml. Any object that can be used as offensive weapons: ice axe, stick to mountaineer,… Any toy or object imitating one of any items above or likely to raise major concerns.

Exception :

Baby food required for the trip. Liquid medication along with their order or certificate.

We remind you that are also prohibited in the cabin regional gourmet products such as aligot, pasta, roquefort and other culinary specialties. Similarly such as Laguiole knives Pocket knives need to be put in your hold luggage.